Professor André Alfes
Professor André Alfes, University of Applied Sciences of the Deutsche Bundesbank

Civil Law; Commercial Law and Corporate Law; Civil Procedure, Enforcement Procedure and Insolvency Law; Banking Law and Capital Markets Law

Professor Norbert Frick
Norbert Frick

Business informatics; Data management; Research, teaching and learning methods

Professor Matthias Goeken
Professor Matthias Goeken

Business informatics; Economic sciences and Economics; Research, teaching and learning methodologies

Professor Andreas Höfer
Photo shows Professor Andreas Höfer

Banking supervision; Business administration; Bank management

Professor Anreas Igl
Photo shows Professor Andreas Igl

Business administration; Bank management; Banking supervision; Anti Money Laundary

Professor Beate Jüttner-Nauroth
Photo shows Professor Beate Jüttner-Nauroth

Business administration and Bank management; Financial mathematics; Accounting standards and Statistics; Central banking

Professor Nicole Jung
Photo shows Professor Nicole Jung

Business administration; Management (Organization, HR, Change Management)

Professor Annabelle Kehl-Beckmann
Photo shows Professor Annabelle Kehl-Beckmann

Mathematics; Stochastics; Derivative financial instruments; Quantitative methods in banking supervision and risk controlling

Professor Tobias Körner
Dr Tobias Körner, University of Applied Sciences of the Deutsche Bundesbank

Economics, Financial stability

Professor Andreas Kremer
Photo shows Doctor Andreas Kremer

Deputy Rector
Business administration; Internal accounting (Cost and performance accounting); External accounting (annual financial statements according to IFRS); Foreign trade and German foreign trade ordinance

Professor Oliver Kruse
Professor Oliver Kruse, University of Applied Sciences of the Deutsche Bundesbank

Bank management; Securities management; Medium-Sized Enterprise Finance and Investments

Professor Urs Lendermann
Photo shows Professor Urs Lendermann

German and European bank and economic law

Professor Anke Lenk
Photo shows Professor Anke Lenk

External accounting (annual financial statements according to IFRS and annual statements of banks); Internal accounting

Hans-Friedrich Paul

Civil law; Commercial law; Corporate law; Administrative law

Professor Giselher Pankratz
Photo shows Professor Gieselher Pankratz

Information technology (IT) and IT management; Process management; Payments and payments systems

Professor Christopher Priberny
Photo shows Professor Christopfer Priberny

Financial mathematics; Statistics; Derivatives; Quantitative methods in banking supervision and risk management; Business administration

Professor Christoph Schmidhammer
Photo shows Professor Christoph Schmidhammer

Banking supervision (Basle II/III, Solvency Ordi-nance, German Banking Act); Bank management; Quantitative methods; Business administration

Uwe Schollmeyer
Photo shows Uwe Schollmeyer

Payments and payments systems; Securities settlement; Economics

Lothar Thiel
Photo shows Lothar Thiel

Payments and payments systems; Centralbank management; Information technology (IT) and IT management; Project management

Professor Lilli Zimmermann
Photo shows Professor Lilli Zimmermann

Economics; Applied Econometrics