Foto zeigt Studenten im Schlosshof der Hochschule der Bundesbank in Hachenburg ©Dieter Roosen
Welcome to the University of Applied Sciences in Hachenburg

The Deutsche Bundesbank offers a challenging dual study programme to high-achieving school-leavers with the equivalent of A-levels (Fachabitur/Abitur). If you are interested in economics, you can take your first steps toward a professional career at the German central bank through our degree programme in central banking. Once you have completed your Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree, you can expect to take on a range of demanding tasks at the Deutsche Bundesbank.

German-Chinese partnership extended
Handshake on the signing of the extension ©PBCSF Peking

The universities of the Bundesbank and the Chinese central bank have maintained a partnership for more than two decades. In November, this was extended again until 2025. Rector Erich Keller signed the agreement with the People’s Bank of China School of Finance in Beijing.

Closer cooperation agreed with the University of Toulon
Besuch des Professorenteams der Universität Toulon ©Benedikt Stahl

In September, a team of professors from the University of Toulon visited the Bundesbank’s University of Applied Sciences in Hachenburg. They discussed future cooperation activities and exchange opportunities for students.

Canadian students visit Hachenburg
Canadian students visit Hachenburg ©Christof Wolf

Students from Canada visited the Bundesbank’s University of applied Sciences in Hachenburg for the first time since the pandemic. The visit was part of the guests’ multi-week round-trip to various European institutions.

“Seeing how the Bundesbank does it” – the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas visits the University
Professor Erich Keller with representatives of the Bundesbank and the guests of the Central Bank of the Philippines ©Peter Spicka

A four-person delegation from the Central Bank of the Philippines in Manila visited the University of Applied Sciences on 17 May 2023. The guests, all staff members from the central bank’s human resources department, were particularly interested in the question of how the Bundesbank recruits its new staff. 

Surprise visit in Hachenburg
President Joachim Nagel at the lecture in Hachenburg ©Alexandra Lechner

“Isn’t that...?” When an unannounced guest entered the audience in the middle of a lecture on Central Banking and the Conduct of Monetary Policy, the roughly 60 students in the advanced study course at the Bundesbank’s University of Applied Sciences in Hachenburg could not believe their eyes.

Vatican financial supervisors visit the university
Veronica Di Marco and Federico Antellini Russo with Rector Erich Keller (front row from left to right) with representatives of the university and the education department ©Andreas Igl

The Holy See conducts its financial business through its own financial institution, the Istituto per le Opere di Religione (a.k.a. the IOR) – and because the Vatican has a financial institution, it also has a financial supervisory authority.  From 24 to 26 April 2023, a senior delegation from ASIF, the financial supervisory authority of Vatican City, visited the university for an exchange of knowledge and experience.