Professor André Alfes Lecturer at the Deutsche Bundesbank’s University of Applied Sciences

Main areas of teaching

  • Civil Law
  • Commercial Law and Corporate Law
  • Civil Procedure, Enforcement Procedure and Insolvency Law
  • Banking Law and Capital Markets Law


  • G1-1b Communication
  • G1-1c Scientific texts and presentations
  • G4a State Organization Law
  • G4b Principles of Civil Law
  • G4c Basics of Commercial and Company Law
  • A3b Banking Law
  • A3c Payment transactions
  • A4-1c Credit and Credit Security Law
  • V3-1a Securities and Capital Markets Law
  • V4-1c Individual Labor Law
  • V4-2c Claim Management and Bankruptcy Law
  • W4 Corporate Law, contract practice and contract management (from autumn 2021) 
    • W4a Corporate Law
    • W4b Contract Management
    • W4c Civil litigation, enforcementand bankruptcy law
    • W4d Case studies on Financial Contracts

Curriculum vitae

  • Studied law at the Universities of Bayreuth, Mainz and Austin, (Texas)
  • Staff at the chairs of Prof. Dr. Mathias Habersack (University of Mainz), Prof. Dr. Jan Zopfs (University of Mainz) and Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Harro Otto (University of Bayreuth)
  • Business lawyer (University of Bayreuth)
  • Master of Laws (UT Austin)
  • First and second state examination at the Higher Regional Court in Koblenz
  • 2005: Doctorate degree (Dr. iur) under Prof. Dr. Mathias Habersack at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
  • 2007: Employment as a lawyer in a law firm in Frankfurt a.M.
  • Client delegation to the legal department of a commercial bank and a investment management company
  • 2010: Worked in the legal department of the Deutsche Bundesbank, Department R 3: Monetary policy, securities settlement, capital markets law
  • Since March 2018: Lecturer at the Deutsche Bundesbank University of Applied Sciences
  • 2019: Delegation to the Deutsche Bundesbank University of Applied Sciences (Jan.-June)
  • Since March 2021: Professor at Deutsche Bundesbank University of Applied Sciences

Research interests

  • Law and regulation of capital market infrastructures
  • Trading, clearing and settlement of financial transactions
  • Contractual documentation of derivative transactions
  • Investment law
  • Central bank digital currency
  • Electronic securities


  • German-American Lawyers Association e.V.
  • Association of University Lecturers for Business Law