Uwe Schollmeyer Deutsche Bundesbank University of Applied Sciences

Main areas of teaching

  • Payment and securities settlement systems, financial market infrastructures
  • Financial markets and liquidity, financial stability
  • Economics


  • G3-2 Introduction to Central Banking (EN)
  • A3 Payment transactions
  • W3 Case studies on payment transactions

Curriculum vitae

  • Studied economics at the University of Bayreuth
  • Completed internships in the areas of foreign trade promotion (German-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, Porto) and vocational training
  • Research assistant, Economics Department, Professor H Müller, Justus Liebig University Giessen; responsibilities included managing international cooperations (including Erasmus programme) for the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies
  • In addition, lecturer of economics and business administration at a number of other education and training institutions
  • Bundesbank civil servant training programme for the Higher Service
  • Section Z13 of the Bundesbank’s Payment and Settlement Systems Department: Oversight and analysis of CLS, CPSS matters, business continuity
  • Staff team Z1: Qualitative and quantitative payment analyses, macroeconomic role of cashless payments, preparing current research topics
  • Full-time lecturer at the Deutsche Bundesbank University of Applied Sciences since 1 October 2012

Research interests

  • Simulation of large-value payment systems
  • Payment transaction costs
  • Liquidity-saving elements in large-value payment systems