Governing bodies and committees

The university’s governing bodies comprise the rectorate and the Senate. Further committees include the Council for practical studies and the students’ union.

In the Senate, representatives of full-time lecturers, the studies section and students decide on important issues relating to teaching and studies, eg the university’s constitution, while members of the Council for practical studies advise the university in all matters related to the practical side of the study programme.

In order to fulfil their personal and social needs, as well as to promote cultural and sporting interests, students can form a students’ union during their theoretical studies.

Students’ union

The students’ union fulfils the personal and social needs of the students as well as promoting their cultural and sporting interests. It comprises all students who are in one of the four periods of theoretical study and acts pursuant to a statute. Its bodies are the general meeting and the student representatives committee. The latter comprises the elected group spokespersons and their deputies who meet on a weekly basis with staff from the studies and administration sections, with the rector attending once a month.