Students playing billiards ©Frank Rumpenhorst

Free time

It is really important that students not only focus on the demanding course but also find time to lose their thoughts in a good book or find some other way of switching off. The university also helps its students in this regard. In addition to a library with recreational books – including novels, travel guides and biographies – it also offers students other recreational opportunities.

Students in the billiard room at Hachenburg Castle ©Personalwerk
On the campus itself, there is a cosy room with two billiard tables, a darts board and two table football games – which the students like to use for mini competitions – as well as a bowling alley. The latter and the university's own party room, equipped with a sound and light system, are regularly used by whole year groups to hold welcome or leaving parties and are also a venue for smaller birthday parties. Furthermore, the castle has a well-organised reading room (with international daily newspapers and specialist magazines, for example) with a coffee machine and cooking facilities as well as a small room with fitness equipment and table tennis tables. 

Students in the "Schlosskeller" at the Bundesbank's university ©Personalwerk
If you want to end the day in a relaxed atmosphere, the castle's own pub, known as the "castle cellar", offers the ideal setting. It is a great location for discussion, reflection or playing games as well as for watching sport events together on a flat screen TV – and all of this at student-friendly prices.

Moreover, the university supports its students outside the campus, too. It rents out a sports hall once a week for two hours for football enthusiasts and covers the entry costs for the public indoor and outdoor swimming pools. In order to ensure that as many students as possible are offered similar opportunities – in the same way as the Bundesbank's own sports club offers a range of activities to the employees at Central Office – the university has also set up links with the local sports club and tennis club. This gives all trainee civil servants the opportunity to keep fit through activities such as dancing, volleyball, pilates and, of course, tennis.

If this does not cover what they want to do, then students can pay themselves to register at one of the fitness studios, which offer student rates. They can also indulge in their passion for music in one of the town's choirs or orchestras. Furthermore, students can go for long walks, cycle rides or jogging sessions along the extensive and well-established forest paths and hiking trails in the region.

Hachenburg's cultural programme is not to be sniffed at either. In addition to the cinema and numerous restaurants and pubs, the town also offers a number of events, including traditional funfairs in August, and markets, cabaret events and concerts spread throughout the year.