Andreas Höfer, Atilla Arda and Urs Lendermann ©Arno Swillus

Bank Resolution and Crisis Management in the Euro Area

Atilla Arda, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Washington DC, gave a presentation on bank resolution and crisis management in the euro area to students of the University of Applied Sciences of the Deutsche Bundesbank. The guest lecture was part of the courses on bank supervision led by Professor Andreas Höfer and Professor Urs Lendermann.

Atilla Arda during his lecture at the Hochschule der Bundesbank ©Arno Swillus
The following day, Mr Arda has taken the opportunity to speak to officials of the People's Bank of China about the design features of effective bank resolution frameworks. The seminar was hosted by the Centre for International Central Bank Dialogue of the Deutsche Bundesbank. The fruitful discussions provided a deep and very valuable insight into financial stability issues and fostered international exchange and understanding.

Arda leads technical assistance and assessment missions for the Monetary and Capital Markets (MCM) Department of the IMF. He was the Deputy Mission Chief for the 2019 Switzerland Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP); he led the 2018 assessment of the euro area bank resolution and crisis management arrangements, and, currently, he is doing the same for the USA FSAP. Before he moved to Washington, DC, Mr. Arda worked for the central bank of the Netherlands and held offices in the City Council of Amsterdam during that time. Arda undertook his undergraduate at the Amsterdam Academy of Banking and Finance; he is a graduate of both the Amsterdam Law School and the Amsterdam Graduate School of Law of the University of Amsterdam, where he specialized in international economic and financial law.