Examination office

An independent examination office, not bound by instructions, was set up at the university to organise and conduct the career development examination.
The examination office comprises:

  • the rector of the university as Chair

  • the manager of the examination office (four-year appointment)

  • one full-time lecturer (four-year appointment)

  • one member of the training staff (four-year appointment)

With the exception of the rector, each member has an appointed deputy.

The main responsibilities of the examination office include:

  • to ensure the development and fair application of assessment criteria;

  • to determine the examination schedule and location and to inform candidates in good time;

  • for examinations during the periods of practical study, the examination office may give training staff the authority to determine and announce the examination schedule and location;

  • decisions regarding the provision of compensatory measures for disabled students vis-à-vis module examinations, the Bachelor’s thesis and the final oral examination, taking the type and severity of the disability into consideration.

The examination office administration team will be happy to answer any questions you may have with regard to examinations. Further information on the examination regulations can also be found below.