Professor Erich Keller with representatives of the Bundesbank and the guests of the Central Bank of the Philippines ©Peter Spicka

“Seeing how the Bundesbank does it” – the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas visits the University

A four-person delegation from the Central Bank of the Philippines in Manila visited the University of Applied Sciences on 17 May 2023. The guests, all staff members from the central bank’s human resources department, were particularly interested in the question of how the Bundesbank recruits its new staff. They were also given information about the main areas of focus and personalised learning opportunities offered by the University in its “Bachelor of Science in Central Banking” course, a bilingual dual study programme. 

Professor Erich Keller, Rector of the University, explained to the guests the three in-depth study options, abbreviated as A, B and Q, which students can choose from in the second half of their three-year course. A stands for supervisory and financial stability functions (Aufsichts- und Finanzstabilitätsfunktionen), B for bank operational functions (Bankbetriebliche Funktionen) and Q for interdisciplinary functions (Querschnittfunktionen). All three in-depth study options correspond to activities in specific areas of the Bundesbank or BaFin. For example, the content of the course in option A is strongly focused on certain “job families” (such as bank auditors or analysts) which are in frequent demand at the banking supervision departments at the Bundesbank’s Central Office and regional offices. Keller stressed that, over the past decade, banking supervision has taken on an average of around 30-45% of the University’s graduates each year. At the guests’ request, the Rector explained in detail the growing importance of knowledge in the areas of digitalisation and advanced analytics and also showed off the University’s IT training rooms during the campus tour. The visit was rounded off by a discussion between the delegation and a study group currently undergoing the in-depth study phase of their course. The guests were impressed by the opportunities on offer at the campus and extended an invitation to students at the University to spend their final practical module at the Central Bank of the Philippines in Manila.