Publications by Professor Urs Lendermann

Monograph (Dissertation)

  • Darlehensveräußerungen durch Banken: ein Beitrag zum Schuldner-, Daten- und Funktionsschutz, vol. 59 of Abhandlungen zum Deutschen und Europäischen Gesellschafts- und Kapitalmarktrecht, Berlin 2012, zugl. diss., Univ. Zürich 2011 (reviewed by Bernd Müller-Christmann, in: Fachbuch Journal 2013, p. 36 et seq.).


  • Commentary on the German Investment Firms Act (Wertpapierinstitutsgesetz – WpIG) (together with Heinrich Nemeczek and Ulrich G. Schroeter), Verlag C.H. Beck, (1st edition 2023 forthcoming).


  • Commentary on the Federal Debt Act, in: Hopt/Seibt (eds.), Schuldverschreibungsrecht, Verlag Dr. Otto Schmidt, Cologne, 2nd edition 2023 (previously 1st ed. 2017).
  • Commentary on Section 4 of the Electronic Securities Act (together with Heinrich Nemeczek), in: Schulz/Neumann (eds.), eWpG - Commentary, RWS Verlag, Cologne, 1st ed. 2023
  • Beck/Samm/Kokemoor (eds.), KWG, CRR, continuous supplements, Verlag C.F. Müller, Heidelberg, commentaries on:
    • § 1 Section (7) of the German Banking Act (219th update May 2021)
    • § 1 Section (19), (20), (27), (28), (30) a.F., (34) German Banking Act (220th update August 2021)
    • § 2a of the German Banking Act (211th update December 2019)
    • § 10a of the German Banking Act (202. Update September 2018)
    • Artt. 6 to 10 Capital Requirements Regulation (208th update October 2019)
    • Artt. 11 to 24 Capital Requirements Regulation (supervisory consolidation), (201st update July 2018).

Book contributions

  • Die elektronischen Wertpapiere des Bundes und der Länder - gesetzliche Grundlagen und Vergleich mit dem eWpG (together with Heinrich Nemeczek), in: von Buttlar/Segna/Voß (eds.), Gesetz über elektronische Wertpapiere - eWpG - Kommentar, Handbuch, Vertragsmuster, (1st edition, Munich 2023).
  • Implementation Issues of Corporate Governance in Banks, in: Hopt/Binder/Böcking (eds.), Handbuch Corporate Governance von Banken und Versicherungen (2nd edition, Munich 2020).

Notes and reviews

  • Book Review: Chiara Zilioli and Karl-Philipp Wojcik (Eds.), Judicial Review in the European Banking Union (Cheltenham, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2021), European Business Law Review 32, no. 6 (2021): 1135-1138, Kluwer Law International BV, The Netherlands 2021.
  • Corporate law versus banking supervisory law in insolvency, comment on BGH, judgment of 04.08.2020 - II ZR 174/19 in: Lindenmaier-Möhring-Kommentar (LMK) 2020, 435103, Munich 2020.
  • German government's key issues paper on electronic securities and crypto tokens, in: Die Aktiengesellschaft (AG) 2019, R93-R95.
  • Liability of a straw man for forwarding fraudulently obtained payments, comment on Federal Court of Justice of 16.1.2018 - VI ZR 474/1612, in: Lindenmaier-Möhring-Kommentar (LMK) 2018, online no.406707, Munich 2018.
  • Cancellation of an overall security mortgage in the case of claims arising from a foreign currency bond (U.S. gold dollar bonds) - BGH v. 12.12.2008 - V ZR 49/08, in: Lindenmaier-Möhring-Kommentar (LMK) 2009, Online-Nr. 292914 (with Götz Schulze), Munich 2008
  • Country of origin taxation of executors operating across borders - comments on the ECJ ruling of 6.12.2007 - C-401/06 (Commission/Federal Republic of Germany), in: Zeitschrift für Steuerrecht (ZSteu) 2009, p. 204 - 209 (with Götz Schulze)

Discussion papers and background documents

Case solutions

  • Assessorklausur Zivilrecht: Das zweischneidige Wohnungsrecht, in: Juristische Schulung (JuS) 2008, 536 - 542
  • Exercise Homework Civil Law: Compensation for Damages in Finance Leasing, in: Juristische Ausbildung (JURA) 2008, 57 - 66 (with Andreas Heinemann)

Lectures and seminars

  • Regular lectures and seminars as head of the module "Financial, Regulatory and Legal Environment" in the Diploma of Advanced Studies in Banking program at the University of Zurich, Institute of Banking and Finance, in cooperation with the Swiss Finance Institute
  • European Green Bonds - Fade to Grey, lecture to students and alumni of the Master of Financial as well as the EBI Master in EU Banking & Financial Regulation at the Frankfurt School of Finance, 13.1.2023.
  • Aktuelle Entwicklungen im Bankaufsichtsrecht, Lecture at the Bankjuristentag 2021 of WM and Börsen-Zeitung, organized by Deloitte, Frankfurt am Main, November 25, 2021.
  • Current developments in banking supervisory law, lecture at the Bankjuristentag 2020 of WM and Börsen-Zeitung, organized by Deloitte, Goethe University Frankfurt, 5.11.2020
  • Aktuelle Fragestellungen zur Corporate Governance, presentation at the scientific symposium "Bankenaufsicht" of the University of the Savings Banks Finance Group in cooperation with the Rhineland Savings Banks and Giro Association, Bonn, 18.11.2020
  • Swiss Finance Institute web seminar on negative interest rates in Switzerland, together with Martin Schlegel (SNB), Philippe Bacchetta (Uni Lausanne), Alfred Mettler (Uni Miami), Markus Bürgi (SFI), 12.5.2020
  • Implementing the Key Attributes in the Banking Union, Seminar on Early Intervention and Crisis Management Tools of the Financial Stability Institute and the European Supervisor Education Initiative, Munich, 18-20.2.2020.
  • Corporate Governance in Banks, presentation at the Bankjuristentag 2019 of WM and Börsen-Zeitung, hosted by Deloitte, Goethe University Frankfurt, 7.11.2019.
  • Recovery and Resolution, Seminar on Banking supervision within the Basel framework, Joint Vienna Institute, 22.1.2019
  • International Cooperation in Banking Supervision and Regulation, lecture at the Institute of Banking, Warsaw School of Economics, 13.4.2018.
  • Cross the Border - Close the Gap: Basel III Finalization, Bankjuristentag 2017 der Wertpapiermitteilungen und der Börsen-Zeitung, Goethe University Frankfurt, 7.12.2017.
  • Perspectives on Adopting and Issuing MREL in Practice, Panelist at the European Recovery and Resolution Summit -BRRD, MREL, Debt Subordination, Recovery Planning, Operational Continuity and more, Frankfurt, 05. and 06.07.2016.
  • Design your own Capital Structure - TLAC and MREL, presentation and panel discussion at the Bank Structuring and Resolvability Conference, London, Feb. 25-26, 2016.
  • Neuordnung der Finanzmärkte durch MIFID II und MIFIR, presentation at the scientific symposium "Bankenaufsicht" der Hochschule der Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe in Kooperation mit dem rheinischen Sparkassen- und Giroverband, Bonn, 16.09.2015.
  • Neuordnung der Finanzmärkte durch MIFID II und MIFIR, presentation at the Third Symposium on Securities Compliance on 11.09.2015 at the University of Paderborn.
  • Basel I, II, III - Fundamentals of Banking Regulation of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, lecture in the context of the lecture "Introduction to Financial Markets" by Prof. Dr. Yvan Lengwiler, University of Basel, May 27, 2013.
  • Addressing the 'Too Big to Fail' Issue in Switzerland, Seminar on Supervision and Regulation of Systemically Important Banks, Financial Stability Institute, Basel, 15.05.2013

International central bank cooperation

  • Recovery and Resolution Planning, Seminar for Central Bank Staff from Eastern Europe under the European Union Program to Strengthen Central Banking Capacity in the Western Balkans with a View to Integration into the European System of Central Banks, Budapest, November 2-4, 2021.
  • Non-performing loans in Europe, panel chair and presentation at the High-level policy workshop on non-performing loans, funded by the European Union, hosted by the Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt, Feb. 27, 2020.
  • Recovery and Resolution for Banks and Specialized Deposit-taking Institutions, Consultancy to the Central Bank of Ghana, Accra, Dec. 3-5, 2019.
  • International Cooperation in Bank Regulation, lecture at the Central Bankers' Course, Gerzensee Study Center of the Foundation of the Swiss National Bank, 21.5.2019.
  • Recovery and Resolution Planning for systemically important Banks, Abu Dhabi Global Markets Financial Supervisory Authority Consultation, Oct. 16-17, 2018.
  • Recovery and Resolution Planning for domestic systemically important Banks, Consultation of the Central Bank of Brasil, Brasilia, Sept. 12-14, 2017.
  • Motivation for Basel III Reforms, International Central Banking Courses, Frankfurt, 22.08.2017
  • Cross-border Coordination and Cooperation, Expert Panel on RRP, Deutsche Bundesbank, Frankfurt, 19.05.2017
  • Total Loss Absorbing Capacity (TLAC), at the Central Bankers' Course, Study Center Gerzensee of the Foundation of the Swiss National Bank, 15.05.2017.
  • Recovery and Resolution Planning for Domestic Systemically Important Banks, Consultation of the Central Bank of Thailand, Bangkok, Nov. 08-10, 2016.
  • Lessons from Resolution Planning, Seminar with Representatives of the National Banks of Serbia and Macedonia, Frankfurt, 10.06.2015
  • Seminar on the European Single Resolution Mechanism, sponsored by the Jean Monnet Module Erasmus+ at the Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine, Sumy, 22.05.2015.
  • The European Single Resolution Mechanism, lecture at the Central Bankers Course, Gerzensee Study Center of the Foundation of the Swiss National Bank, 30.04.2015.
  • Regulatory Measurements and Resolution Strategies for Systemically Important Banks, presentation at the Central Bankers Course, Gerzensee Study Center of the Foundation of the Swiss National Bank, May 6, 2013.
  • Too big to fail - Regulatory Measures, presentation at the Central Bankers Course, Gerzensee Study Center of the Swiss National Bank Foundation, May 19, 2011.

Event organization

  • Eberhard Pohl, former Permanent Representative of the Federal Republic of Germany to the OSCE and Ambassador in Ankara, European Security Policy after the "Turn of the Times", lecture on 30.11.2022
  • Rastko, Vrbaski, Senior Advisor at the BIS Financial Stability Institute, Bank Failure Management in the Banking Union - what's wrong and how to fix it, policy paper presentation on 3.11.2020.
  • Katharine Christopherson and Wolfgang Bergthaler, Assistant General Counsel at the IMF, The Role of the International Monetary Fund in Preventing and Resolving Sovereign Debt Crises, presentation on March 5, 2020.
  • Atilla Arda, Senior Advisor at the IMF, Bank Resolution and the Eurozone Crisis Management, presentation on Nov. 27, 2019.
  • Ludwig Schrittenloher, IB Credit Suisse, Capital planning meets capital markets: Practical observations in the banks' space, presentation on 13.6.2018.
  • Iñigo Arruga Oleaga, Adviser in the ECB Legal Department, Fiscal Union - Utopia or Reality, Lecture on July 20, 2017.
  • Eyal Winter, Silverzweig Professor of Economics, Hebrew University and A & E Brunner Professor of Economics, Lancaster University, Feeling Smart, book presentation on 10.6.2015.