Student experiences

Laura Schwarz – student

I opted for the dual study programme at the Bundesbank as it provides an optimal combination of the theoretical contents of a regular university course with the practical elements of a traineeship. What you learn can be directly applied in the practical modules. Students gain a good insight into the Bundesbank's business operations and are quickly able to identify with the institution. The theoretical modules are demanding and require a great deal of self-discipline. There is a lot of solidarity among the students, which motivates you to keep going. Although Hachenburg Castle is not close to a large metropolis, you do learn to appreciate the advantages the castle has to offer, including accommodation, full catering and the fact that the lecture halls and the library are just a short walk away. The Bundesbank provides its students with a lot of support so that they can focus all their attention on their studies, but there is still enough free time to enjoy.

Benedikt Stahl – student

On the one hand, the dual course of study in Hachenburg is very demanding and the course content extremely complex. On the other, it is extremely interesting and exciting as hardly a day passes these days without the media reporting on the financial crisis, its repercussions or the latest central bank decision. This topicality and practical relevance make studying a lot easier and more fun in my opinion. My personal highlight is the practical module abroad towards the end of the course. I will complete this module at the Central Bank of Ireland in Dublin, where I will be able to improve my English and gain an insight into the business operations and structure of another European central bank. I will mainly be working in the Payments and Securities Settlements Division to gain an overview of the Irish payment systems landscape.

Mario Rückert – student

Because I wanted to be financially independent, it quickly became clear to me after graduating from high school that a dual study programme would be the ideal way to launch my professional career. The Bundesbank turned out to be the perfect choice. The theoretical modules are held in Hachenburg – a quiet little town in the Westerwald. Altogether, you spend 22 months, divided into four blocks, as a student at Hachenburg castle and lead an unusual student life. There are plenty of opportunities to achieve a balance, and the workload definitely doesn't stop you from pursuing various leisure activities and partying. Students should nevertheless focus mainly on their studies, as Hachenburg graduates with good results are in very high demand throughout the Bank.

Annika Löffler – student

I was unsure what I wanted to do professionally after graduating from high school. I therefore gathered information about the different options. I was quickly drawn to the idea of a dual study programme. Gaining practical experience as part of one's studies, while being able to stand on one's own two feet financially was a compelling idea. The description of the Bundesbank course immediately appealed to me. My time as a student was very varied overall. The theoretical modules in Hachenburg were interspersed with the practical modules which took place in various cities across Germany. The course at Hachenburg was very demanding, but there was usually enough time for other activities such as sports, taking a trip into town or socialising in the castle's cellar bar. There was definitely no shortage of parties either. I completed my practical modules at the Bundesbank's Central Office in Frankfurt, the Regional Offices in Berlin and Mainz as well as the Berlin branch. These placements frequently even allowed me to spend time with friends in my home town, Berlin. All in all, I can say that I had an enjoyable and interesting but also strenuous time.