Alumnus portrait

Photo shows Matthias Muhr

Matthias Muhr
Graduated in March 2008


  • April 2008 – October 2015
    Foreign exchange trader at the Bundesbank
  • Since 19 October 2015
    Portfolio manager at the Bundesbank's national reserve asset management


What tasks are you currently working on?

Since mid-October 2015, I have been part of a team responsible for managing the Bundesbank's national reserve assets. We select the relevant investment securities and determine the right time to buy and sell in accordance with the portfolio management strategy. This involves monitoring price movements in the individual markets and analysing macroeconomic data with a potential impact on price developments. Changes in market participants' expectations, technical aspects of price developments, the impact of macroeconomic data and how they interact are discussed both within the section and with analysts from M20, and decisions are taken on this basis. We also compile market reports and submit investment market assessments for internal purposes. In addition, this job entails taking part in internal projects, above all in the field of IT.

How did your studies at the Bundesbank's University of Applied Sciences prepare you for the requirements of your career, especially your current position?

The course provides a broad overview of various subject areas. For my current job, the economic modules and capital-market-related topics were particularly useful as they give me a better understanding of cause and effect relationships. Other subject areas such as banking supervision, human resources management and accounting provided a good basis for understanding the tasks of other Bundesbank divisions, while also promoting cooperation. The placements in the different areas of the Bundesbank during the practical phases, too, were very valuable in this respect.

In what way has studying at the Bundesbank's University of Applied Sciences influenced you?

Overall, studying has made me calmer under stress. I learned how to cope with a high workload and, as a result, how to better organise my time. These are transferable skills which I am able to apply in my current job.

What was the biggest challenge you faced while studying?

The workload. When I was a student, the bachelor course had not yet been introduced, which meant the schedule was very different. The exams concentrated around a particular period, which meant that the stress of revision grew exorbitantly before exams.

Do you still feel connected to "your" university?

The small campus and the good relationships with the university's staff meant that the community is more tight knit than that of other universities, and I enjoy returning to Hachenburg. Moreover, my role as lecturer gives me the opportunity to visit Hachenburg regularly not only to hold lectures but also to liaise with staff and students.